Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe


satyananda yoga academy europe

Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe has the mission to propagate and preserve the teachings of Satyananda Yoga throughout Europe. We teach yoga as a science of self-transformation, and we encourage students to bring it into all aspects of their lives.

Courses organized by Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe

Our courses combine residential stays with home practice and study. We run residentials in an ashram-like environment, where we uphold yogic discipline. Home practice and study are guided and reviewed by course tutors over several months.

While we support students throughout our courses, we also encourage independence so they can establish and sustain their own practice.

Our teaching style

The courses organized by Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe intentionally blend academic learning and experiential learning. While some sessions are led by tutors, others require students to draw their own conclusions through a process of self-reflection. Our aim is always to increase students’ self-awareness.