Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe


Our yogic studies courses combine residential stays with several months of guided home practice. Students immerse themselves in a yogic routine, notice the effects of this, and then integrate practices into their daily life. Therefore, our courses are unlike those offered in most European yoga centres. We encourage students to experience yoga in all aspects of life rather than confining it to a classroom.

What to expect during residentials

The Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe does not have its own ashram, but as far as possible, we create ashram-like conditions during residentials. Students are expected to participate fully in a demanding daily schedule and to observe yogic discipline (practising silence at particular times and not using mobile phones, for instance).

As well as attending daily classes – which combine yogic theory and practice – students explore techniques from all branches of classical yoga. Karma yoga (the yoga of action performed with awareness) is practised daily.

What to expect after residentials

Once home, students commit to a daily home practice, which includes maintaining a practice diary. These diaries are reviewed by course tutors, who encourage, guide and offer suggestions for development. Students are also asked to complete online quizzes and written assignments, which tutors mark and comment on.

The amount of time needed will vary from person to person, but we suggest that students set aside one to two hours per day.

Please see our pages on Yogic Studies 1 and Yogic Studies 2 for more information on course content and entry requirements.