Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe


Join us for the “Open Day with Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe“!

We gather in the spirit of yoga to share simple yet profound practices of the Satyananda system. Hatha Yoga practices, Yoga Nidra and other Pratyahara techniques of the Satyananda system will be offered.

In short lectures valuable knowledge will be shared, about how to embrace a yogic lifestyle to achive health, happiness and harmony.

Whether you’re new to yoga or experienced, our aim is to create a space where everyone can delve into the experience of these uplifting practices offered by our tradition and take a time out from day to day life to spend in sangha – our yogic family.

The event is free of cost, all are welcome to join us for this day of exploration and connection.

NEXT DATE: Saturday, 15. June 2024


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Aim of the open day

If you are already familiar with Satyananda Yoga, this will be an opportunity to reconnect with the Yoga Sangha and the Satyananda Yoga teachings. If you are new to this system, it will give an introduction to classical yoga.

To experience the strengthening and balancing effect of classical yoga, it is not necessary to change your entire life or spend hours on the yoga mat. A systematic combination of simple yoga techniques and yoga principles, will enable you, to transform your life into a more harmonious and happy one.

New dates

Saturday, 15. June 2024

Timings (CEST):
10.00–12.30 & 15.00–17.30

Application closes: 7th June 24

Experienced Satyananda Yoga teachers and teachers/instructors trained in the Satyananda system of yoga from Europe and Bihar Yoga Bharati (Institute for Advanced Yogic Sciences, India) will conduct the program.

  • English language competence
    As all sessions will be in English, participants need to have a good grasp of the language.

The event is free of cost, all are welcome to join.

If you would like to make a donation towards Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe, please ask for details.

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