Practical guidelines

  • We respect the different yoga traditions. The yoga we teach is in strict alignment with the integral yoga system and tradition of Swami Sivananda Saraswati, Swami Satyananda Saraswati and Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, known as Satyananda Yoga – Bihar Yoga.
    In order to support our personal and professional development, we regularly educate ourselves in regards to yoga sadhana and teaching practice by attending courses/events at Yoga Peeth, Ganga Darshan in Munger (India), thus ensuring our participation in the overall development of the living Satyananda Yoga – Bihar Yoga tradition.
  • As yoga teachers, we know and respect our abilities and limitations. We teach on the basis of the knowledge and experience gained through our own studies and practice.
    To the best of our knowledge and belief, we focus our efforts to impart traditional yogic teachings in a manner that allows the students to benefit in the best possible way for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.
  • In all teaching settings we emphasize the great importance of development of awareness. The practices and methods address all levels of the personality and our students are encouraged to become aware of their experiences and the effects the practices have.
  • We foster the student’s inner awareness by providing primarily verbal instructions and creating a natural, quiet and relaxed atmosphere, free from pressure to perform.
  • In our teaching, a key element is the development of independence of our students. We aim at teaching our students how to practise safely on their own and how to take responsibility for their own development and self-determination.
  • The yoga we offer is designed in a way that everyone is able to participate and benefit from the practices, regardless of age, abilities and health conditions. In all teaching situations, we encourage student’s independence and self-responsibility. At the same time we do our best to ensure the safety of our students and take all reasonable steps to establish a safe practice environment.
  • We seek information about the level of students experience, physical capacity and health and teach according to the level of experience and physical capacity of our students.
  • We encourage students to contact experienced specialists if we notice they need professional healing treatment. We are willing to communicate and cooperate with the student’s attending specialist in order to support in a safe and positive way the best possible health progress.
  • We conduct our financial affairs (accounts, wages, taxes, etc.) in line with the legal requirements of the country we teach/work in.
  • It is our personal responsibility to ensure, that the necessary requirements in regards to insurance are met in alignment with the local standards.