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Address: 8625 Szólád, Kossuth Lajos utca 23. Faluház (Village Hall), Hungary

By car

Szólád is located along the M7 motorway, connecting Budapest with Zagreb. Szólád is next to Lake Balaton, the nearest larger city by this lake is called „Siófok”.

From North / West Europe the easiest (although not the shortest) way to reach M7 motorway is on the M1 Vienna/Bratislava – Budapest motorway. Then change to the M0 ring-road before Budapest (direction Zagreb) and then to M7. From South / East Europe one option is to take a motorway to Budapest, change to the M0 ring-road and then to M7. You can also decide to drive on more direct country roads – in this case please use a map or GPS… Please note that on Hungarian motorways you need to pay a toll. You can also purchase them on-line here:

Leave the M7 motorway at the „130km” exit and follow the road to Szólád.

M7 motorway exit to Szólád

In Szólád go ahead on the road until you reach ‘Faluház’ on the right. (It is a brownish building with the word ‘FALUHÁZ’ on its facade.)

‘Faluház’ on Google Maps:

By train

From Budapest, from Deli train station to Balatonszárszó station.

Online ticket purchase and train timetable are available in English  or you can buy your ticket at Budapest Deli train station. Price is approx. HUF 3000 (= ca. 10 Euro, please change money first), to Balatonszárszó.

In Balatonszárszó cross the rails, and find the bus station.

Bus stop in Balatonszárszó

Travel is only 6 minutes to Szólád ‘Faluház’ stop. Ticket price apprx. 200 HUF (= ca. 0.8 EUR).

Buses leave at: 09:32, 14:52, 16:49, 19:37

By taxi

Prepaid, safe taxi is available at the airport exits (Főtaxi – yellow cabs). From Budapest Airport by Főtaxi is apprx. 130 Euro (one car is for 1-4 persons). Do not use private taxi drivers.

By hired car with chauffeur

From Budapest Airport one car (1-4 persons) it is approx. 110 Euro:

From Budapest Airport to Budapest Deli train station

Minibus service  From 7 Euro but depending on number of persons

By taxi

Prepaid, safe taxi is available at the airport exits (Főtaxi – yellow cabs). Do not use private taxi drivers. Price is apprx.: 8-9.000 HUF , it is 25-30 Euro. 1 Euro = 307 HUF

By bus + metro

By bus No. 200E from airport (price is 450 HUF) to Kobanya-Kispest metro station (last stop). You will need a ticket Transfer ticket (’Átszállójegy’) (530 HUF). Take metro till Deak ter station and change to line red to Deli pu (Deli railway station).

By bus No. 100E from airport to Deak ter (with Airport shuttle bus single ticket, 900 HUF) and Metro line red to Deli pu (Deli railway station).